This Place Bites

From the journal of Chuck: Wwe made it to the automotive building, secured the garage (lots of zombies dead, Caleb bit, Kenny shot by Caleb) and moved to the rest of the building. We found folks holed up in the parts room who fired at us with a flame thrower and threw a pipe bomb at us, and 3 guys upstairs who shot first and didn’t ask. We killed the 3 guys upstairs, found their girlfriend (also bit) who Bev shot.

The guys in the parts room are holed up, have military gear, bombs, flame throwers, secret ninja tunnels all over the building (through concrete/rebar walls with no power tools), are able to come and go as they see fit without risk of zombie attack, are immune to diplomacy or negotiation (quelle surprize), and have proven they can kill us at will whenever they want by randomly putting bombs anywhere in the building (through a magical means we don’t get to know). A semi crashed into the wall of the shop and they’re crawling out under it and the zombies don’t crawl back under it to get them, even though they’ll jump out of a 9’ pit and climb out from under cars to get to us.

GM Notes:

  1. Yes, the infected can jump, grab the edge of the floor, and pull themselves up to get out of the 9’ pit. This is hardly heroic, a basketball goal is only 10’, most ceilings are 8’, and these infected are mostly transformed high school and college students. If I’ve done a bad job describing things, sorry. As with all things, I likely did it on purpose because I’m a bastard.
  2. The perspective from the other side of the flame thrower: The guy(s) in charge are out at the moment and the people left behind have specific orders they are following, and they are young and panicky. Lots of noise and gunfire outside their safe-room. Movement outside the door means infected or the assholes from upstairs are doing something – fire the flamethrower. They try to talk but they are the latest of several survivors to try this, all of whom try to fuck them over, so pipebomb, flamethrower, maybe they’ll go away. They don’t. The boss, Ryan Maskell (he introduced himself) gets back, hears the situation report and calms his people down. He tries to talk, offers a “leave us alone, we’ll leave you alone” truce, and rewards the party with 10 MRE’s (Military food rations: Meal Ready to Eat or Meal Rejected by Ethiopians) for the hard work of clearing the building. Someone out there has a psychotic break and is making crazy threats while some smooth talker says that they want to be friends. Oh, and they want the safe-room and everything in it. Oh, but we want to be friends. Conclusion, they either think they’re invincible or they’re idiots or they’re all crazy. Give them a little scare, maybe they’ll leave like the others did – set off a couple of explosions, one upstairs and one outside. Well, that seems to have stirred them up. Too bad, lock and load boys.
  3. The professor, Dr. Ronald Jacobs, a bio-scientist with a medical background visiting from the University of Illinois and (former) friend of Frank, dropped a few interesting facts. He doesn’t know everything, but his research team has discovered a few things about the infected:
    The Infected
The Athletic Administration Building

The survivors (mostly) survived cleared the building of zombies and secured it, Bev killing Frank in the process when he went from feeling shaky and feverish to a full-on infected danger to the group. In the process of clearing the building of infected, the survivors discovered a family of 3, including a 5 year old girl. After successfully clearing the building, the survivors promptly abandoned it and drove in their stolen vehicles, including a motorcycle, to the nearby Automotive & Industrial Technologies Building. Arriving after a brief, harrowing trip and covering almost 1,000 feet, they arrived at the building and….continued in the next gaming session.

The initial struggle for survival
Prior to the start

The initial struggle for survival:

Your characters are trapped in a room in a building on the Illinois State University campus in Normal, IL, along with several others. From the time you arrived there have been 4 separate incidents of infected trying to storm the room, mostly caused by an extremely noisy and fairly crazy homeless lady and her bags of cans. During the 3rd event, Beverly the Realtor, one of the others in the room with you, “accidentally” pushed her into the crowd of infected tearing down the door, distracting them long enough to let you get the door closed and braced again. No one really knew what to say or do, and no one refuted her when she said, “Sorry, it was an accident.” It’s been 2 days since the last incident and the food and water ran out shortly after it.


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