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Survivors! is a D20 zombie apocalypse role playing game (RPG) where you get to try your hand at being a survivor. As you read through the various materials for this game you will discover that they occasionally are not politically correct nor will they ever be. You know how you get to see great action movies were the zombies are running rampant and the humans fight back and win because they are all super badasses? Well, you won’t be. The zombies will definitely be running rampant, you might fight back, you might win, but you will absolutely not be a super badass. This isn’t a game where you design a character and the GM (Game Master) just sighs and says, “Congratulations, you win.” If you are looking for that, please move on. Now, if you want to really test yourself then you will love Survivors! as you play an average person facing the horror their world has become. Don’t like playing average people? No worries, you probably won’t be playing him or her for long as characters tend to die a lot, a LOT, in this game. That’s why you have such a nice, handy spreadsheet that does all the work for you to be able make a new character with, thus allowing you to replace your dead character quickly.

If your GM is running you in Survivors! then it’s a sure bet that he or she is a sadistic bastard and probably not really your friend. That doesn’t mean it won’t be fun though! It is strongly recommended that a little trophy of some kind be designated and awarded at the end of each night for the best/most dramatic death scene. Just a (somewhat random) thought.

Surprisingly, you will meet and fight for your life against the infected, aka zombies. Yes, really. However, there are other dangers. The military is not your friend, or at least they don’t think you are theirs. Other survivors may or may not see you as friendly. There are animals on the loose. Environmental factors such as the building you are in catching fire can also be unfriendly. How about a nice, leisurely drive around town? Wouldn’t recommend that either. Thirst, starvation, falling, disease, and that annoying noise you might be making that is rapidly causing a psychotic break in another party member are all part of the threats that face your character in Survivors!

If you overcome some or all of that then your party might actually be able to carve out a modicum of safety somewhere for a bit and start to make a dent in other areas of your situation. You’ll have time to ask questions like, “Why did this happen?”, and “Do you think I’d look good in this shirt once it’s covered in blood?” As with all things, once the rules change there is a world of opportunity awaiting you and all you have to do is survive it.


Survivor background information


Global Warming resulted in the hottest summer on record in 20?? (2 years ago). This caused an extended growing season for common grazing plants leading to an enormous deer population. With an enormous deer population came an enormous deer tick population, many infected with Lyme disease variant H4N1 receptive. Benign in deer, LDH4N1R is a mutation of the more typical bacteria found in mice and deer populations in North America, Europe, and Asia. This mutant variant traveled via parasitic infection of birds to other populations of deer and mice worldwide.

The latest flu epidemic began its annual worldwide migration in spring of 20?? (last year), arriving in North America (or wherever the campaign is currently set) that fall. While it is unclear when and where the relevant DNA code was taken from the mutated Lyme disease variant, it is clear that the influenza virus circulating this particular year had absorbed it into its infectious structure. This also led to the name “Deer Flu”. Due to the extremely unusual H4N1 variation of the Deer Flu pandemic, the infectious rate was almost total, estimated 91.993% by spring of the following year. The symptoms of this particular variety of flu were very mild however, with far fewer fatalities or complications than with other influenza variants. The CDC and other health organizations were quick to issue warnings that were largely ignored stating that we were very lucky this time and that a more serious disease with this level of infection would have been devastating.

In the early spring of 20?? (this year), various people working and engaging in wooded areas outdoors began to fall ill. All of them displayed very intense Lyme disease like symptoms following tick bites coming on within 2-4 hours of exposure. This included redness or rash around the bite area, flu like symptoms, joint pain radiating throughout the body, neurological impairment from inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain, temporary paralysis, full body numbness, irregular heartbeat, and severe fatigue. With very few exceptions the patients all died within 7 days of infection. Julia Culp, age 9 was admitted to New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, NC on June 2nd with Variant Lyme Syndrome (VLS), suffering symptoms normally until day 3, when she developed an extreme appetite for protein. She has since been identified as patient zero. The bacteria seemed to combine and mutate with the H4N1 viral factors left in her system from the Deer Flu, leading to an easing of some symptoms and enabling her to survive.

In an effort to restrain a violently thrashing Julia on June 12th, LVN Janet Peterson sustained a bite on her finger from Julia. She was given antibiotics, the bite was disinfected and cleaned, stitched, and she was kept overnight for observation. Not showing symptoms the following morning, she was allowed to go home. She didn’t show up or call for work the next day (neither did her husband, nor her children to school). This is the epicenter of the Infected Outbreak.

Anyone who had the Deer Flu, which has mostly worked its way around the world, was infected if they had body fluid contact with the infected. As the infection spread, slowly at first, then rapidly picking up pace and showing up in more and more communities, it became obvious that the incubation period was becoming shorter as the disease continued to adapt. The disease traveled throughout North America and, via plane, to the rest of the world. As the chaos began, police and fire departments went on full alert, then the national guard was activated. When this failed to contain the situation the active military was called in to help. In a last ditch effort all former military, retired police officers, and anyone with any emergency, medical, police, or military training were rounded up and pressed into service. Based on the last news reports you saw, 2 days ago, they lost.

Your characters are trapped in a room in a building on the Illinois State University campus in Normal, IL (or where ever your GM sadistically decided to dump you), along with several others. From the time you arrived there you and the other survivors have been engaged in 4 separate incidents of infected trying to storm the room, mostly caused by an extremely noisy, and fairly crazy, homeless lady and her bags of cans. During the 3rd event, Beverly the Realtor, one of the others in the room with you, “accidentally” pushed her into the crowd of infected tearing down the door, distracting them long enough to let you get the door closed and braced again. No one really knew what to say or do, and no one refuted her when she said, “Sorry, it was an accident.” It’s been 2 days since the last incident and the food and water ran out shortly after it. Have a nice day.

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