Robert "Bob" Michek, Scoutmaster Troop 7

Scoutmaster Bob Michek



Scoutmaster Bob co-owns a local home improvement store with his three brothers. He knew things were getting bad when people were bypassing the Home Depot and buying up duct tape and hammers and curtain rods and hoes in droves in hopes that would somehow these would help them out in the coming “Zombie Apocalypse”.

Things were okay, until they started taking military retirees and pressing them into service. Things went worse when they came and took Mitchell and James, both 18 year old Eagle Scouts who had expressed interest in joining the Army when they graduated from high school.

Troop 7 and their families, were Boy Scout prepared for the “Zombie Apocalypse”. They had gathered together supplies from the hardware store and equipment. When they came and took Mitchell and James, that was when Troop 7 headed in convoy to the Moraine View State Park, where they were going to stage and group up before heading further into Clinton Lake.

All was going well, until some one pointed out that we had left a duffel bag back at the Methodist Church where we held our meetings. That was when I made my near fatal mistake, I decided that I would take my Range Rover by myself and head back to get the duffel bag.

On the way back, full blown apocalypse happened. “Infected” attacked and Scoutmaster Bob grabbed what he could and fled on foot. In the “running away” period, some of the infected grabbed Scoutmaster Bob’s rifle and his knapsack.

Scoutmaster Bob managed to get to the athletic building and in to the room with the other “survivors”.

Robert "Bob" Michek, Scoutmaster Troop 7

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