The initial struggle for survival

Prior to the start

The initial struggle for survival:

Your characters are trapped in a room in a building on the Illinois State University campus in Normal, IL, along with several others. From the time you arrived there have been 4 separate incidents of infected trying to storm the room, mostly caused by an extremely noisy and fairly crazy homeless lady and her bags of cans. During the 3rd event, Beverly the Realtor, one of the others in the room with you, “accidentally” pushed her into the crowd of infected tearing down the door, distracting them long enough to let you get the door closed and braced again. No one really knew what to say or do, and no one refuted her when she said, “Sorry, it was an accident.” It’s been 2 days since the last incident and the food and water ran out shortly after it. Thirst has become a driving force for everyone and it’s time to do something….


…and this is where we begin our little horrible adventure!

CLICK HERE to find out how the game mechanics work and to build your first (of many) character.

The initial struggle for survival

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